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Meet Natalie Lacon:

I help ambitious service providers grow their business with creative and strategic websites… but with a difference!

My VIP Day intensive model is designed for fast action takers with clear goals. Designing your website in as little as one to four days; depending on the scope of your project. It’s efficient, collaborative and fun. 

You simply book your day/s, complete the prep-work and I design and build your website with you. With options to add additional days, such as a Brand Lite VIP Day beforehand to set the foundations if you don’t have a visual identity or add an Email Lead Generation Funnel VIP Day to grow and nurture your email list.

I’m a qualified graphic designer with 11 years experience designing websites and have been described as the perfect blend of technical and creative. I have a real passion for helping solopreneurs and small 1-3 person businesses.

“Natalie is awesome – she made the whole process so human and I felt that she really ‘got’ me and my business. The colour schemes and fonts and everything feel very ‘me’ and I love the end product. The VIP experience was a really efficient way of working and means that you get to see the end product way quicker than the usual 6 week turnaround. Highly recommend!”

If you’d like to know more about my Website VIP Days please get in touch.

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