St Albans Counselling Services

Psychodynamic Counselling and Therapy

We offer either telephone or face to face sessions, which are held at our therapy room based close to St Albans City Centre and train station. A safe, confidential and judgement free space.

At times we experience challenges in life, whether that be an isolated situation or ongoing difficulties. By exploring these and the feelings associated with them, in a safe and confidential space, it’s possible to gain a greater understanding of them and their origins.

Our approach is mainly Psychodynamic, which is a client led approach that supports in understanding the links between one’s past experiences and their impact on the present.

Working together we will be able to start to untangle the combination of challenges, thoughts and emotions that can be overwhelming, to bring insight, empathy and understanding.

This facilitates a capacity to cope with external and internal uncertainties, building resilience and creating a path for positive change.

We cover St Albans, Hertfordshire for in person sessions 

And the whole of the United Kingdom for online or phone sessions.

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