People do business with people. If those people, in small, medium and large corporate businesses work together, as a community, their businesses thrive

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The St Albans Businesses Community is constantly growing. More people doing business with more people, wherever they are on their business journey.

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What our members say…

  • I am very excited about becoming a brand new "official" member of SAB - I have been to a number of the jelly meetings before and I already know what a strong and supportive community I am now actively part of!
  • I am so pleased I took the decision to join SABs - it is such a supportive group and has been of great benefit to my business. I have made some great connections and have had the opportunity to participate in some terrific events that have not only been great fun but have also raised a lot for charity.
  • When I have a business problem and ask for help, members always offer support.
  • As a SAB member, I have met so many amazing local business owners. It’s a really supportive community with opportunities to collaborate and grow your business. Sue Wybrow has a lovely way of pushing you out of your comfort zone, for which I am always grateful.
  • Being a SAB member has given me friendships beyond belief, mentors I never knew I needed but soooooo do, an amazing team for my business, fun, comradely and incredible support. Couldn’t do it without you all x
  • I love the fact that not only my landscaping and building company benefits but I’m positively encouraged to promote my bands events, books I’ve written and my radio show also benefits from all the SABS coming on and talking about it #Teamwork
  • I am a new member to SABS and I can without hesitation say that the level of support and encouragement is overwhelming. I have made so many great contacts and met great people. There is always someone in the group that knows the answer to any question that you may have.
  • I became a member as it was the most inexpensive way to gain exposure, promote my business and learn how to market myself digitally. I've met many contacts who not only promote my business for me but I now collaborate with to strengthen my brand.
  • I have made so many great connections and friends since becoming a SAB s member which has helped my business to move forward.
  • Being in SABs is great for reaching members of the community my business wouldn't otherwise have access too. It is a great support tool for Small Businesses.
  • Thank you so much for choosing St. Villa to host your first SAB social evening. It was really lovely meeting you all and the exposure from all the posts, the actual evening itself and today on social media with photos was fab. Thank you.